Lady GaGa is not dead, reports of GaGa’s death are false. But while Lady GaGa’s fake dead story tonight might seem no different than those of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus – both within the last 24 hours – GaGa’s is a bit different.

This time with GaGa, the false death reports were very organized and, to some extent, very crazy. When LALATE first reported GaGa was not dead Monday afternoon, an assault of organized fake commentators were ready. And what did they write here on LALATE?

“At 6pm Eastern Time, Lady Gaga was spotted entering a Starbucks in uptown Manhattan with Robert Pattinson. Witnesses say she was in the restroom for approximately ten minutes before emerging in a state of delerium. She rushed outside and broke into convulsions on the sidewalk.”

Lady GaGa with Robert Pattison? False. Creative, but false.

And there was this one …

“Lady Gaga, the self-styled Queen of Pop, who has died suddenly aged 23 after being taken to hospital in Los Angeles, was music royalty – one of its biggest stars and holder, for Love Game, of the record for the best-selling album in history. Eventually, however, her bizarre life-style and personal notoriety eclipsed her talent and her numerous achievements.” “Fame, from the age of 11, when she was lead singer of the first black girl band, the Gaga Five, had such a damaging effect that her life was permanently affected. “

The GaGa Five? Yes, the GaGa Five story went on for paragraphs, decades, many WRONG decades.

“The Gaga Five’s first Motown single, I Want You Back, reached number one in America (as would their next three singles) in 1969. The youthful band was an instant hit with prepubescent girls – mainly black girls, but also some white ones. Lady, the particular object of their desire, had just turned 11, and would never be able to walk down the street unrecognized again”

1969? Motown? And the lead singer simply called “Lady”.

Yes, Lady GaGa is not dead. But this fake celebrity death story could very well be one of the craziest of the year.