iPad is a Disappointment?

As we know that Apple’s announcement for iPad is scheduled for 1 PM eastern. The question is: how good it will be?

iPad or iTablet doesn’t suppot 3G for Verizon. Its monthly pre-paid plans will start at $14 for 250MB of data, or $29/month unlimited for 3G support in addition to Wi-Fi only for AT&T. iPad has no jaw-droppingly new user interface like iPhone. Moreover, iPad has no camera like iPhone, or MacBook, or the new iPod Nano. You will not get any flash support from iPad.

Steve Jobs claims that the iPad will come with an impressive 10 hours of battery life and a full month of stand-by time, but there’s no way to swap in a new one yourself. iPad also comes with no TV subscriptions.

Watch iPad a disappointment on youtube:

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