Google launched their own ebook client, called Google Books. There is an application available now for Android and iOS devices and for other devices you can access the ebooks through your web browser. In addition to all the public domain free ebooks, Google has partnered with booksellers to bring you paid ebooks too.

Google states that they have more than three million titles for you to choose from, including hundreds of thousands for sale. I installed the Android app on my EVO 4G and was pleased to see a pop-up asking if I wanted to sync the application across the Internet. With the sync function turned on you will be able to sync your reading position and library contents.

There are different settings in the Android app, including text size, typeface, line spacing, justification, and brightness settings (including a day/night toggle). You can choose between flowing text or original page mode and most of the custom reading settings are only available in flowing text mode.

The support pages discuss how you can access and read Adobe PDF and EPUB format books using Google Books, including how to transfer these files to the Nook, Sony Reader, and other devices. Make sure to check out the Google eBooks help page for other answers to your questions.