Ford’s first-ever gas free, zero emissions fully electric car.The Ford Focus Electric is powered entirely by a 23 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery, and capable of a top speed of 84 miles per hour. When plugged into a home charging station, it can fill up a battery in just over three hours.

The eco-friendly vehicle is also made from 100% sustainable materials –even using recycled blue jeans in the insulation on the bottom of the car. It’s loaded with high tech touches including Ford’s Sync in-vehicle communications system, co-developed with Microsoft, and the Sirius Travel Link satellite radio entertainment system.

Ford also used the keynote to announce My Ford Mobile, a smartphone application that links up with the computer in Focus Electric, providing a information like how far the car will drive on its current charge, individual driving trends, and the location of nearby charging stations. The system can send a text message to a driver when the car is charged and ready to drive.