Escondido Bomb House Burns Thursday

The Escondido bomb house served as a home to a massive amount of explosive and hazardous material. Authorities also have evidence of the production of makeshift bombs inside of the house. The Escondido bomb house is located just north of San Diego at 1954 Via Scott. The Escondido bomb house will be burned down Thursday morning at 10 am, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A carefully choreographed and controlled burn is the best way to destroy the house and anything inside of it. The fire, sanctioned by the Sheriff’s department, “will incinerate the illegal stockpile of highly volatile chemicals without causing any detonations or unmanageable environmental contamination,” said the San Diego News.

Despite the intent of the burn, precautions have been taken. About six dozen of the houses surrounding the Escondido home were evacuated Wednesday night for health and safety reasons. Others who live near by the house have been told to take shelter within their own home. San Diego’s Red Cross has been operating a shelter for neighbors displaced since the discovery of the Escondido bomb house and will continue to offer it for nearby residents, said the Tribune Weekly Chronicle.

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