David Hasselhoff and his ex-wife Pamela Bach are having a troubled start to the holiday season, one landing in the hospital, the other in jail over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Hasselhoff was hospitalized for two days, PEOPLE has confirmed, though his attorney Mel Goldsman would not disclose the nature of his illness.

“David is home now and he’s fine,” said Goldsman.

Hasselhoff’s troubles began at home on Friday. Though authorities did not identify the name of the patient or the owner of the home, a fire department spokesman did confirm that paramedics responded to a call for medical aid at 11:51 a.m. at a home in Encino, and the patient was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. People learned that the address of the home matches the one owned by Hasselhoff.

Also, Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Bach was arrested on a DUI charge by the California Highway Patrol on Saturday night while driving down the 101 Freeway near Laurel Canyon Blvd.

According to a Los Angeles Police Department jail spokesman, Bach was taken into custody at the Van Nuys jail and later released on her own recognizance.

“There was no bail. She is fine. She was picked up and driven home by a friend,” Bach’s publicist told PEOPLE. “She will deal with this.”

Source from people.com