Bryson Gilreath from “My Life as Liz” refuses to conform to stereotypes and prides himself on being an independent thinker. Though he will never accept the “rampant ignorance” of his alma mater, Bryson from “My Life as Liz” has found a surprising number of awesome, like-minded fellows in his school such as Liz. Bryson Gilreath’s intelligence, athleticism, and sarcastic sense of humor have gained him an eclectic group of friends around BHS. After a failed attempt at starting the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” club at school, Bryson from “My Life as Liz” decided to focus on what he does best.


Bryson Gilreath’s Hidden Talents

1. Talking about how damn awesome I am at so many things.
2. Ignoring the fact that nobody else agrees with number 1 (this is actually very difficult).
3. Am I allowed to say “pleasing a woman?”
4. I like to think that I am a fairly talented writer (I really have no objective reviews of my work).
5. I excel at getting things done with the absolute slightest amount of hard work.
6. Setting up my friends’ computers and music piracy software.
7. Recommending movies.
8. Letting you know just how much your music sucks.
9. Hiding the fact that I secretly have the same sh*t on my iPod.
10. I’m a big time history buff.
11. Hating Lil’ Wayne. I take the gold in that event.
12. Surprising people with an inexplicable knowledge of sports and country music.
13. Having fun with very diverse groups of people.
14. Looking like an idiot and getting my ass kicked at hardcore/punk shows.
15. Coming across as a pretentious jerk sometimes.

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  1. Hmmm. Well I think that Bryson is one of the” realest guys” I’ve ever seen in tv and Liz’s friends too. Really I think he’s just a nice guy, and there is nothing wrong with saying your good at something. It’s called confidence. Just don’t over do-it. It can get annoying.well have a great day peeps ha :p

  2. Bryson u are hot as hell I just wanna go to ur house and kiss u and that
    tattoois the best baby:):);)

  3. I honestly wanted Liz to end up with Bryson but do we ever hear they were friends before the show? No! that episode where Bryson was sitting behind liz in class i feel was one of their first encounters. I feel as if he knows he is hott and he just wants to be part of something bigger and become famous or something. I really hope I’m wrong because I wanted them to be together but really?!? He is hott But I really hope he is real!

  4. […] Bryson Gilreath – My Life As Liz (photos) | toptodaynews.comBryson Gilreath from “My Life as Liz” refuses to conform to stereotypes and prides himself on being an independent thinker. Though he will never accept the “rampant ignorance” of his alma mater, Bryson from “My Life as Liz” has found a … Read more […]

  5. Um. Bryson is hot so shut up whoever took the time to bash him in this article.. Liz is damn gorgeous & that’s that! & oh I hope they hook up next episode! ..because Bryson NEEDED to break up with his girlfriend she just didn’t match with him..
    Bryson I’ll take ANY day through FedEx next day air, hope you like black girls you scrumptious thang 🙂

  6. Show is funny as heck…liz n her friends crack me up. Im gettin some friends in central Michigan to jump on the bandwagon with me. Liz is def a pretty girl too there’s no doubt about that

  7. i wish byrson would be my date to prom, hes so hot and a nice guy there so hard to find.

  8. Byrson should really just come out and say how is really feels about lizs because if not he is always going to wonder what if you know.. yes byrson is very handsome but really he needs to tell her before its too late because i love happy endings…. 🙂

  9. Isn’t that how the story line plays out on the show? Bryson will come out of the closet and Liz will find someone else who is actually worthy of a crush.

  10. Omfq bryson is on sexci guy! Yur deh hottest one on deh show.! Yuh got deh cutest face & omq yur jus so0 adorable! x33 iwud so0 go out widf yuh! ;]

  11. agggggghhhhhhh<3 i love this show.
    and i wish they would so be together? (;

  12. I honestly think Bryson and Liz are good together. I like the fact that he wears whatever clothes he wants to because that is him. i hope that today’s episode was not the last episode because i so want to find out who Liz ends up with. Bryson if you really like Liz then go after her i know you just got back from a trip but come on you know she likes you and you like her what more do i have to say. Bryson you know ya’ll belong together, so make it happen.:)

  13. I think bryson is the hottest guy ever..ilk so leave my boyfriend for him..and stupid ppl stop saying he’s gay..maybe your gay

  14. dear bryson,
    i think your hat is kick ass and whoever things it gay should go suck a duck. i would totally wear one like that.!

  15. wait a flippen minuete the show is real i thought it was like fake… and like scripted…… holy crap!!! that means bryson is a real person and so is liz and sully and annie and troy and camerone and tori and…….. i didnt know that……….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well now it makes sence. oh by the way i liked how bryson was like telling people there songs suck, and hiding the fact that there on my play list, lol i do the same thing

  16. lol i totally fofrgot to mention that you look exacty like this guy i know and i mean exacty, its sooooo weird and hes dating this girl that looks and acts exactly like……. wait for it…. jamie!!!! not that it means anything i mean you still are going for liz right?

  17. i was in the city today and i met him and liz! they were filming in new york city! they were AWESOMEEE my 3 year old niece took a picture with each of them, liz was so nice and bryson was sooo cuteee =] and i do not think bryson is gay ONE BIT not that there is anything wrong with it if he was but just by the way he acted, spoke and looked i dont agree!!

  18. I think Bryson is so cute! I’m a big fan of his and i love that he had The TEXAS LONGHORNS all over his room. Whoo!!!….my type of guy! <3

  19. y do u have to b so daym HOT!?!?!?!?!? ILY:):):) i wuld do anything to meet u in person!!! i think u r sooo cute!

  20. is ALL of this real?? like is taylor terry real and is cori??like are they the ACTUALL people is what im wondering. ILOVELIZANDBRYSON!!!!!! sully liking her just was akward. . . i love him but it sucks when ur best friend likes u nd u dnt like them back. 🙁 but i REALLY hope bryson is the actuall person bc i really want them to be together!! i cnt wait for the next season!! This show really makes u open ur eyes and see life differently :))

  21. nd seriously leave these people on the show alone. If you were in high school having your life documented and being put in the spotlight i bet u would seem akward or weird to some people too so u REALLY shouldnt b talking its not ur place to judge. <33 u all on the show!!!!!!

  22. It’s just sad how people really thinks that those shirts and hats that he wears are just jokes…

    Only in america, really…

  23. In one episode Bryson is wearing a “Legalize gay” shirt, and his hat says “drag queen”….. Seems kinda gay.

  24. I think the “legalize gay” shirt is just another way for him to say he supports gay rights and legalizing gay marriage/adoption or something. Just because he supports it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay.

  25. bryson deserves everything including liz non of that should have happend with that girl from AUSTIN TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. bryson deserves liz, non of that should have happend with that girl for AUSTIN TEXAS. OH AND I LOVE HIS DRAG QUEEN HAT LOL

  27. Ya’ll know one thing that is very ironic! Is that I live in Austin, Texas. Never thought Bryson had moved here for real until today when I was heading to the parking lot of my community collge(ACC), when I saw him walking towards my directions( Obviously I didn’t say hi to him because I was doubting if it really was him. But it was him. So I am like whoa really. If you read this ” Bryson” Whta’s up brother, nice having you in Austin 🙂 And YES, I have watched my life as liz and love it 🙂 Nerds…

  28. where does bryson lives? and no i’m not a annoying fan stalker…. i know that he lives in Austin – Texas but where excactly? i go on facation and i think to america and i may choose (for the first time!) so we go to Texas in America

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