Last week we finally got to see Chima get sent home. Best episode ever! She needed to GO! After that, Jordan became the new HOH and nominated her arch enemies Lydia and Natalie. Her plan was to send Natalie home, but would she stick with that tonight?

Natalie told Jordan she had no hard feelings about being nominated, but Michele needs to watch out. Jordan told Natalie she was a pawn, which isn’t quite what she said at the end of last episode! Oh well, things change from second to second in this game. Lydia spent the evening whining about being up to the point that Kevin thought he’d rather keep Natalie around instead of Lydia. Russell told Michele that he would take her to the end because they are both the “villains”. It looks like they are ready to start getting out Jordan and Jeff soon, and Russell said he and Jeff are even now.

Lydia and Natalie started to get to the heart of why they didn’t like each other. They started to realize that Jessie was using both of them against each other and playing both sides. Kevin and friends knew that the only way they could stay is if they put doubt in Jordan and Jeff’s head. Their plan was to make up a story about Russell saying that Jeff needs to go. Kevin is a bad liar, and had to really plan and prepare before he told Jeff this big lie. He told Jeff he heard Michele and Russell saying “we have to split up the couple”. With this new information, Jeff quickly jumped on board that maybe they need to get rid of Russell earlier than planned. Jordan still trusted Michele at this point, but neither of them trusted Russell.

Natalie won a phone call from home at the HOH competition, which she couldn’t wait for. She hoped to hear from her dad or her boyfriend, or both! It was her dad and she started to tear up right away. He told her the are proud of her and said her boyfriend came over every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday to watch it together. Her dad told her she’s a winner in his book regardless if she makes it to the end or not. Natalie broke into full-on tears after and perked up a whole lot.

The Live Power of Veto Competition was next. Everyone was playing except Russell due to random draw. This was the before/after game where they had to decide in what order things happened in the house. The houseguests split on the second question which eliminated Lydia, Jeff and Natalie. Kevin was eliminated next a few questions later. The two girls stuck together for the next few questions keeping it a tie between Michele and Jordan. It came down to a tie breaker. The question: “How many truffles were in the giant mud-pit” in that pig flying veto competition. Jordan guessed 60 and Michele guessed 50… with the correct answer being 104 and Jordan winning POV! Would she backdoor Russell???

Jordan had to decide Live whether or not to keep things the same or backdoor someone. Her, Jeff and Kevin had a quick conference in the kitchen first so it sounded like something was gonna go down. After both ladies speeches, Jordan choose not to use the veto power which left Lydia with an instant sad face, I guess she thought she had a chance to be saved. Which of these two would go home?

The Live Eviction was up next in this busy episode. Natalie said it’s been a rough week for her and pleaded that she’s by herself so basically she’s saying she’s not a threat. Lydia said they should vote for whoever they think will further their game and that’s it. Russell = Lydia; Michele = Lydia; Jeff = Lydia; Kevin = Natalie. Obviously Kevin was just leaving Lydia with a pity vote… either that or he wasn’t in on the plan. Lydia was sent off to the Jury house where she planned to give Jessie a piece of her mind (or maybe her fist) for how he used her.

The Live HOH competition made me think they should do more things LIVE so that no one can spoil them by seeing it in advance! This physical competition had the houseguests dropping cans down skinny recycling tubes until they either hit 24 or had the most in a time limit. It was harder then it sounded since the cans had to be dropped almost perfectly straight to make it in. Kevin was the first to make a can in while the rest of them were still trying to figure it out. This was a case of the tortoise vs the hare! Those that were going to fast weren’t making any.

After commercial, we came back to see Kevin and Michele were tied with 4 cans each… that’s how hard this was! They made it even harder by having moving platforms come out and block the tubes. Now they needed aim AND timing! It looks like this one is going to take the full hour they were allotted!

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