News already broke about Chima Simone’s departure on ‘Big Brother 11‘.  On Episode 18, viewers were given the chance to see the events leading up to Chima’s departure and the aftermath that resulted in a new HOH and new eviction nominees.

After Michele nominated Chima for eviction, Chima said she wanted to quit the game.  She said she didn’t want Michele to have the satisfaction of casting a vote against her.  When given the opportunity to practice for the veto competition Chima refused to put on her microphone.  Kevin went and got the mic for her and Chima threw it in the pool.  When given a replacement mic she still refused to put it on.  A “voice” asked Chima several times to report to the Diary room and to put her mic on.  After refusing repeatedly and using profanity laced insults Executive Producer, Allison Grodner, persuaded Chima to come to the Diary room.  She was immediately escorted out and then the housemates learned that Chima had been “expelled.”

Kevin was crying saying he tried to tell Chima to chill out, but let’s face it Chima was ready to go.  She said she was “defeated” and based on the series of footage that showed Chima threatening the producers it seemed like she’d felt that way for a while.  Chima was angry that her HOH power had been taken away by Jeff’s use of the power of Coup d’etat. Chima for all intensive purposes did quit the game, but she did it in a cowardly way.  Instead of just packing her bags and walking out the front door, she made the producers send her home by breaking the rules.

Michele’s HOH duties were over since Chima left the house, so the housemates competed in a new HOH challenge.  Jeff and Jordan were the last two standing and it was too cute when Jeff asked Jordan what she wanted.  When she said she wanted to be HOH, he threw the competition.  Lydia wasn’t happy. I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking or what, but she called Jordan a “ho-puppet” and then had a screaming fit saying she wanted to be evicted.  Lydia is full of it.  She just wants to go to the jury house to snuggle up with Jesse and that’s a dumb move.  Jordan decided to give Lydia what she asked for, so she put her up for eviction along with Natalie.  Will Lydia get her wish?  Tune in Thursday night to find out.