Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 21, 2011, is a federal holiday, and RI bank customers are asking, “Is my bank open on Presidents Day 2011? What about ATM deposits and withdrawals on Presidents Day?”

Most Banks are Closed in Rhode Island on Presidents Day 2011

Rhode Islanders will most likely find their bank is closed on Presidents Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday. For instance, Providence area Citizens Bank branches in Rhode Island are closed on Presidents Day 2011 for “normal” banking.

However, many ATM’s and supermarket banks and kiosks are open for simple ATM deposits and ATM cash withdrawals. Banks that are closed on Washington’s Birthday will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are Post Offices Open on Presidents Day 2011?

According to the USPS Post Office, there is No United States Mail Delivery on Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 21, 2011. Washington’s Birthday is a U.S. Postal Holiday, and all U.S Post Offices are closed for business. This includes not only mail delivery to your residence or business, but also local post office lobby hours as well.

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