Joseph Cerniglia, a 39-year-old father of three, jumped from the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson which separates New York and New Jersey. He appears to be the second chef to have committed suicide after appearing on one of Ramsay’s programs, in which the British chef delivers robust and expletive-filled judgments on restaurants and cooks.

The owner of a restaurant in suburban New York, Cerniglia had appeared in 2007 on “Kitchen Nightmares,” a show that subjected struggling restaurateurs to harsh criticism from English foodie Gordon Ramsay.In 2007, 41-year-old Rachel Brown shot herself after to death after appearing on “Hell’s Kitchen,” another show that featured Ramsay.

Ramsay is famously tough on contestants.

“Your business is about to f – – king swim down the Hudson,” Ramsay told Cerniglia, the married father of three, according to the Daily Mail.

Does that kind of talk drive people to kill themselves?

Probably not, says the former president of the American Academy of Suicidology, Dr. Robert Yufit.
“Shooting yourself and jumping off a bridge are extreme situations where death is almost a certainty,” he said. That’s not the case with pills and other, less violent forms of “self-harm, Yufit, a Chicago-based clinical psychologist said.

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