Amazon Kindle has introduced a new feature this holiday season that allows users to “gift” e-book reading products to other people.

Amazon said in a press release last month that customers simply have to visit the Kindle Store on the company’s website, select an e-book of their choosing, and hit the “Give as a Gift” button. The receiver of the gift can access the reading through his or her e-mail, and does not need to own a Kindle e-reader or have an account with Amazon.

The new feature is compatible with all versions of the Kindle device, the company said.

meanwhile, The Amazon Kindle has experienced a bit of a shortage in Canada as holiday shopping has depleted reserves for the popular e-reader, Toronto Star’s Moneyville blog reported on Friday.

According to the report, Canadians will not be able to get orders of the Kindle until after the Christmas season is over.

“Due to strong customer demand, Kindle for Canada is temporarily sold out,” spokesperson Stephanie Mantello told the newspaper.

For Canadians who can’t get their hands on the Kindle, there are other e-readers on the market.

For example, the Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-600BC retails for around $140 on Amazon. And the Barnes & Noble Nookcolor sells for around $250.