Oprah had the Knox family on her show today, a family that hopes, prayers, and knows that their daughter, Amanda Knox, is innocent. Amanda Knox was sentenced to 25 years in an Italian prison for the sexual assault and murder of her roommate, Meridith Kercher.

The Knox family will appeal the verdict when it is officially released next month.
American college student Amanda Knox is serving a 26 year sentence in an Italian prison for the killing of Meredith Kircher but her parents are still pleading her innocence.

Knox moved to Perugia, Italy, to study in 2007. She lived with three roommates-two Italians and one British exchange student, 21-year-old Kercher.

On November 2, Kercher’s nearly naked and bloodied body was discovered in her bedroom. She had been beaten, raped and tortured. It was claimed that the murder was a result of a drug-fuelled sex game gone wrong.

The Italian police investigation says Knox behaved bizarrely in the aftermath of the murder, hugging and kissing her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, and reportedly performing cartwheels at the police station.

During the investigation her recollection of the night of the murder changed.

She was eventually arrested along with Sollecito and her boss at a local bar, Patrick Lumumba.

Lumumba was later released due to an air-tight alibi and attention instead shifted to alleged drug dealer Rudy Guede whose DNA was found in Kercher’s room.

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