The north east of Japan was hit by an earthquake today 9th March 2011 in the morning and its effect was felt miles away till Tokyo.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake even prompted Japan’s meteorological station to issue a tsunami warning for the nearby coast.

Residents nearby the Japanese coast were warned to stay away from the shore. Shortly after the main quake, another 6.3 magnitude aftershock was recorded.

According to the local meteorological agency, the earthquake occurred at about 11:45 Japanese time and was centered at at about 150 km off the north east coast and approximately 440 km to the North East of Tokyo.

Soon after the earthquake, train lines in the nearby area were halted and were then restarted shortly after noon. Japan is often hit by such quakes as the country lies along an arc of earthquake and volcanic zone called the Ring of Fire, which stretches around the Pacific Rim. Over 92% of earthquakes recorded daily occur along this zone.