Ashlee_Anne_Rose_Martinson_Horror_bloggerAshlee Anne Rose Martinson, 17, a horror blogger who documented her obsession with death under the name Vampchick, was apprehended in Indiana on Sunday, about 500 miles from where she allegedly killed Jennifer Ayers, 40, and Thomas Ayers, 37, at their Wisconsin home.

Deputies from the Oneida County Sheriff’s responded to a home on Sunday morning and found the victims’ bodies.

Police say Martinson killed her parents, then locked her three younger siblings in a room downstairs with food and juice.

After the killings, Martinson fled the state with her boyfriend, Ryan Sisco, police said. The Wausau Daily Herald reports that during her brief time on the run, the young woman was considered armed and dangerous. Investigators believe they were in route to Tennessee, where Sisco has roots.

Authorities apprehended Martinson and Sisco in Boone County, Indiana Sunday night after a local deputy spotted the brown 1999 Chevrolet Silverado, in which the couple was believed to have been traveling, driving south on Interstate 65.

Martinson had described similar murder scenes in a blog she maintained, written under her screen name VampireChick and titled “Nightmare.”

The blog, illustrated with drawings of flayed skulls and demons, contains short stories, poems and links to other Gothic-style websites. Many of the short stories revolve around death and murder:

Rushing through the woods late at night. Deep into the darkest corner where the agonizing screams can not be heard. Walking into a small cabin. Marveling at the sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for. I then take the next victim who is unconscious. I tightly bind them to a low table.

Awaiting them to wake once more. I clean the dry blood off my tools from a previous session. The last body has been disposed of just hours before, yet I have not been satisfied with the pain, agony and blood. I bend down as they start to wake.

“Welcome to hell.” I whisper in her ear. “Never again will you see the light of day.”