Yes! Elin, Rachel, Joanna Jagoda was not enough! We have entry no. 4 and this time it’s a Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs. And she isn’t denying or we aren’t speculating a link up. Grubbs, 26, claims she and the world’s top golfer carried on a torrid 31-month affair – and that she has photos and 300 “racy” text messages to prove it. Woohoo, it’s a hell of a week for Woods, I bet he is cursing himself for crashing on to that tree that day. He never thought in his wildest dreams that a small car accident would lead him to all these mess. She first hooked up with Woods in April 2007, told Us Weekly they had 20 sexual encounters.

His former girlfriend Joanna Jagoda is speaking to the public. The love or adoration for Tiger probably is still there for Joanna Jagoda?

“Elin is exactly what Tiger needs to get stability in his life. She is mature for her age, humble, and has both feet on the ground.”, says Joanna to Britains Daily Mail. So much is taking place in the life of Tiger Woods these days that he even canceled his appearance in his own tournament. He has to speak the truth and face every consequences. I’m trying to search for Joanna Jagoda Facebook and I got it!

Here is one of Joanna Jagoda’s image that I can find on the internet:

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