There are a whole bunch of rumblings in Twitterland that Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez MAY, I repeat MAY, have left the Nebraska team.

Those watching last night’s game between the Huskers and Texas A&M saw coach Bo Pelini go nuts on his young quarterback while both were on the sideline. Martinez just stood there and took it in a way that could be described as indifferent.

Even if these rumors are indeed unfounded, there is clearly some friction between QB and coach. Farmer Ted did a little lip reading and implies that the cause of Pelini’s wrath was Martinez was texting in the locker room while his ankle was being taped.

While it isn’t clear who the recipients of these texts was, the majority of opinions and shady sources all point to his father as the person he was in communication with.

Along with this, it has recently come to light that Martinez’s father has been playing an increasingly vocal role in saying how his son should play and even sent an angry email to Bo Pelini after his son was benched in the second half of the Texas game.

This locker room incident was apparently the reason for Pelini’s rant against Martinez on the sideline right before halftime.

Whether this incident is true or not, the fact remains that the Huskers are a better team with Martinez on the field, even if he isn’t 100 percent healthy.