Today, the Super Bowl 2011 date will finally include two teams to go with it. Ever since training camp, 32 teams have hoped and dreamed of getting this far. Of course, only a select few had a realistic shot, while others who looked like sure bets collapsed in a hurry.

Dallas had the hope that the Cowboys would be the first team to host the finals, but that dream died very painful. Instead, the Super Bowl, 2011 will include visitors from Green Bay or Chicago, and New York or Pittsburgh. Super Bowl 2011, could feature the most decorated team in the post-merger. The team that won the first two titles, the team that makes this game a major event, and/ or one of the founding fathers of the league. While the likes of the Patriots, Cowboys, Colts and the Vikings will not, the game does not lack star power.

NFC Championship game in 2011 was the date and time set for all next Sunday. Now it’s time for predictions for the big battle between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.  NFC for the right to go to the Superbowl!.

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