PS3 Network Down News Update

Aside from having Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) not connect to the internet, some have been noticing that the date has changed on their system, trophies are vanishing, and that many of their games aren’t working properly. This has caused a panic among many PS3 owners, though. Oddly, only PS3 owners with the original “fat” model are having problems, all Slim models work fine. With such a random system crash occurring for unknown reasons, many are wondering what is happening and why a strange error code has been coming up.

If your tried to play any PS3 or PSN titles, you would receive the error code: 8001050F. The detailed explanation given was the following:

Registration of the trophy information could not be completed.
The game will quit.

After calling Sony’s technical support and speaking to one of their representatives, we were told the issue would be fixed by morning and that there is no need to fear about game’s trophies or save data, so it’s safe to assume these will be fine once the problem is taken care of. It sounds like the fix will be made relatively soon and that there won’t be any ill side-effects from the bug. What time the fix will go up exactly is yet to be determined.

Who else is having trouble with their PS3 console today? Worried about your game data? Fire away below.

Update 1: As Kotaku reports, the PlayStation Network seems to be back up for old PS3 consoles. I just fired mine up, and both the PlayStation Store and the internal clock were up and running. Indeed, everything seems to be back to normal … except for my many “Heavy Rain” trophies, which have all disappeared. (My other trophies are OK, as are all my game saves.) Still no new info from Sony as to what happened or whether it’s safe to switch your PS3 back on; if you’re worried about your own trophies, you might be better off waiting to power up your console until we hear something official.

Update 2: The glitch has been fixed, says Sony, and it’s OK to turn your console again.

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