Miley Cyrus got a tattoo! But is it permanent?

Cyrus, 17, frolicked poolside with friends at Fountainbleau Resort in Miami Beach Thursday. The singer-actress wore sunglasses and a hot pink bikini (with rainbow-colored straps) skimpy enough to reveal a new stamp beneath her left breast. In cursive writing, a tattoo reads “Just Breathe.”

In other shots from the pool party, Cyrus gestures to the tattoo and seems to be describing it to a pal.

The “legal age” to get inked in the U.S. is 18, but the 17 year old may have gotten a permission slip from her parents.

Her older brother Trace recently noted that he and their father, Billy Ray, have matching tattoos.

Miley recently joked of her precociousness, “I’m pretty cool…I’m pretty much the coolest person ever.”

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