The Michael Jackson concert rehearsal movie will be coming sooner than expected to a theater near you … two days early.

Sony has announced that “Michael Jackson: This Is It” will begin its two-week theater run on October 28, instead of October 30 as originally planned. The move gives the studio a two-day jump on the busy Halloween weekend.

Tickets for the movie will go on sale September 27, more than a month before the movie even opens.

As for the action today in court, Randy Jackson is among several people expected to testify today about a pending deal with concert promoter AEG to do a tour of Jackson memorabilia. AEG wants to get the deal with Jackson’s estate approved quickly to time the tour with the release of the movie.

There’s some push back among members of the Jackson family, who are bitter over AEG and Jackson’s death, and who believe AEG is getting too much money for the memorabilia tour.


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