Johnny Depp reported died after fatal crash. This is another death rumor spread on the internet, especially Twitter. While a call to a publicist or a proof of life photo is the usual tool for dispelling such rumors, the person on the leading edge of the Johnny-Depp-is-still-alive confirmation was an unlikely one: Crispin Glover. Glover whipped out his cell phone and called Depp, who answered, “Not dead, in France.”

14 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Death Hoax”
  1. People will do anything for attention. Something like this is terrible. I am sure that Johnny is not giving much thought to this. It would only feed the fire of the person that began this insidious hoax!

  2. They did the same thing to me a few months ago. It’s all bullshit. People should grow up a little bit more.

  3. Yeah, niggas! He aint dead, peeps! Schools out for realz. He’s alive because he’s SO AMAZIN…….SO AMAZIN.
    By the way, I’m the real Kanye West, bitches.

  4. whoever put this story on the internet needs to first have their
    teeth kicked in and then their head examined because to scare millions of people all over the world like this and above all to do this to Johnny and his family is really really sick.

    (from a JD fan in Germany)

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