iPhone Apps for a Very Zombie Christmas

Now that AMC’s incredible “The Walking Dead” has ended its first season, you’ll need something to tide you over until the flesh-eaters rise again. Look no further than these three new iOS games:

Dead rising mobile: it’s the classic story: man travels to small town, discovers it’s been overrun by zombies, and holes up in the local mall–where said zombies arrive in wave after wave. Dead Rising Mobile ($4.99) won’t win any beauty contests, but it offers a few cool twists.

You can pick up anything (frying pan, golf club, park bench) and use it as a weapon. Plus, it integrates with Facebook and Twitter to notify friends when you bite the dust–and lets them “revive” you. You can even appear as a “named zombie” in their version of the game.

Nothing tops off a feast of brains like a nice ice cream cone. In the comedic, cartoony Zombies Ala Mode, you’re the soda jerk charged with serving the undead, which means catching falling scoops in the right flavors and amounts. The game is fairly simplistic–something kids will probably enjoy more than adults–but it’s a fun little diversion and completely gore-free. It’s currently on sale for $1.99.

ZombieSmash HD : A longtime favorite for the iPhone and iPod, the castle defense-inspired ZombieSmash will available in HD form for the iPad. on Dec. 16. The update makes good use of the iPad’s bigger screen, offering more zombie hordes and support for multitouch (for extra zombie-flinging goodness).