Ginnifer Goodwin hasn’t always been the skinny-minnie you see gracing the cover of January/February’s issue of Health Magazine. The actress admits that as a child, her weight wasn’t always healthy.

Goodwin joined the program at just 9-years-old and still sticks with it today, 23 years later.

“I changed my eating habits in fourth grade because I was a heavy little girl, and I was unhappy.”

“I remember my mom making dinner for me the first night that I was on this new program, and I burst out crying because the vegetables were green,” she tells the mag. “I thought she was trying to starve me to death.”

Now that she’s older, Goodwin balances her diet with ballet classes and heavy cardio sessions at her local gym

“It’s the only thing on the planet that doesn’t dehydrate you or just make you miserable,” she explains. “I never had a dramatic weight problem, it’s just that I tend to indulge, and then I need to get back on track so I can button my pants.”

Although she describes herself as “an extremely healthy person,” the “Big Love” star does seem to still have a few image issues.

“Working with my amazing stylist, I’m really good at hiding things, so I’m always pretty confident. Except when I’m in a bathing suit. It doesn’t matter what my body looks like, I hate putting on bathing suits in front of other people,” she admits.

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