Irma Nici, a 26-year-old former prostitute, claims to have carried on a steamy affair with soccer superstar David Beckham, In Touch reports. The brunette beauty tells the magazine that Beckham agreed to pay her $10,000 for one night of passion. Kristin Davis, the infamous madam who played a key role in Eliot Spitzer’s sex scandal, has given new details about the alleged Beckham affair to In Touch.

Davis says former prostitute Irma Nici “called me and asked if I could supply one of my girls for a threesome,” Davis told the magazine. “Per her request, I sent a ‘brunette with curves’ at the rate of $2,400 cash. The next time we spoke, she informed me that the client was David Beckham.” Meanwhile, Beckham’s management company intends to sue In Touch over the story. “Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it,” a spokesman for Beckham said yesterday.

Beckham has three sons and has been married to Victoria Beckham, once known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, for 11 years. David Beckham’s alleged sex scandal continues to deepen. A second woman says that she partook in a scandalous threesome with the soccer superstar in 2007.

An unnamed prostitute tells In Touch that she and a curvy call girl slept with Beckham. “We were supposed to do a girl-on-girl scene but I was a bit nervous because I’m always a nervous wreck but then Irma took over,” she claims. According to the magazine, the prostitute says she and Beckham had sex for around three to four minutes.

Beckham has sued the magazine In Touch over the story and claims that the accusations are baseless. News of the World writes that there is “no proof” that the erotic romp ever took place.

The lack of clarity did not stop one fan from heckling Beckham about the rumors, however. Someone yelled “stop with the prostitutes” at Beckham following a Los Angeles Galaxy game on Friday night, and the soccer superstar furiously confronted his tormenter. Beckham challenged the fan to “say it again” — and the fan declined to do so. Scroll down to watch.