Britney Spears is ready to get her “Circus” tour back on the road, and she’s not afraid to remind everybody. After adding Jordin Sparks as her opening act and taking a few days off to hang out by various pools, Spears visited her old pal David Letterman (via pre-tape) to deliver the nightly “Top 10” list. Clad in a bikini (again!), a flower in her hair and seated atop a desk, Spears read off the “Top 10 Ways The Country Would Be Different If Britney Spears Were President.” The lineup included a handful of excellent suggestions, including “We would only invade fun places like Cabo,” “Free pie for everyone” and “I’d be the first President to wear eye shadow since Nixon.”

Letterman seemed amused by Spears’ performance, regularly commenting on her shifts from right leg to left leg and chuckling along with her inflection. The biggest crowd reaction came when Spears hit number four, which suggested that “America might have a more coherent fiscal strategy.” And we’re ready to endorse another one of her suggestions as soon as possible: “Three words: Vice President Diddy.”

After a triumphant run through Europe, Spears has taken the last week to chill out and loosen up before she heads to Canada on Thursday for the start of her next tour leg. She’ll be tested early, as next week she takes her show to New York for three shows at Madison Square Garden. Her late summer triumphs have already begun, as she was by far the highlight of Letterman’s show, which also featured Donald Trump, actress Diane Kruger and country music star Billy Currington.


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