Bret Michaels Rushed to Hospital After a Warning Stroke


It was a good news for all the fans of 47-year-old American singer, Bret Michaels, that he is doing fine, taking well and planning to return for his music career. However, the sad news is, Bret Michaels is back in hospital. According to the Bret Michaels rep, he is rushed to hospital after a suffering a warning stroke. Bret Michaels is effected by, numbness on the left side of his body. Doctors found that Bret Michaels is suffering with Transient Ischematic Attack (TIA).

Michaels’ neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Zabramski (who also cared him when he suffered with Brain Haemorrhage) said that, the positive signs of Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) in Bert Michael’s body are the devastating news for the Bret’s family. But, he also said that it is operable and treatable and they are presently working to cure this Transient Ischemic Attach (TIA). On April 23, Bret Michaels suffered with brain hemorrhage and he was almost died while he was in that condition. Then nearly after two weeks he came as a normal person. Prayers are with him and we hope he will be back to normal state very soon.

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