Annie Lennox won the 2009 Woman of Peace Award. Annie Lennox was awarded by the honor, for her work to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS impact on women and children. Her campaign “Sing”, a project to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS played a vital role and especially in South Africa, where the disease is common. To raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS’s devastating effect all over the world, the British musician wore a HIV Positive t-shirt.

With campaigns such as Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign and Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Annie Lennox’s song ‘Sing’ was subsequently born out of her involvement. Both Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign and (TAC) are human rights groups that worked for health, prosperity and education for those people that were affected by the HIV AIDS virus.

To promote her activities in support of AIDS awareness issues, Annie Lennox has also established a Sing website. On this website, you can get information that how to prevent this disease and other AIDS awareness issues. Annie Lennox is promoting a noble cause and she truly deserved the Woman of Peace Award.


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