Dawn Brancheau, the Seaworld trainer who was killed by a killer whale at the Orlando, Fla. park on Wednesday, was laid to rest in a suburban Chicago cemetery. Brancheau’s family and friends came together to remember the 40-year-old for her faith and the positive impact she made on the lives to those around her on Monday.Brancheau was a lead trainer at Seaworld and had wanted to work with whales since the age of 9.

According to CBS News, Brancheau’s ponytail was grabbed by a 12,000-pound orca whale nicknamed “Tilly” last week. She was pulled into the water and died after suffering traumatic injuries and drowning.

Brancheau is survived by her husband.

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  1. The funeral was held yesterday, so now hopefully everyone at Sea World can get things going back the way they were. I would like to believe that Dawn would have wanted everyone to move on. This was a very sad tragity.

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