The infamous “wardrobe malfunction” has reared its head again, as Serena Williams accidentally revealed too much skin while bodysurfing in Barbados in November.  Unbeknownst to the tennis star, Williams’ swimsuit slipped off her chest and revealed her left nipple.

The Daily Mail says Williams laughed off the incident.

Williams is no doubt comfortable with her body, revealing as much on the “Tonight Show” when she was a guest a couple months ago.  Recently, Williams posed nude on the cover of ESPN Magazine’s the “Body Issue.”

Do you still remember Kate Hudson at 2009 American Music Awards?

At American Music Awards, Kate Hudson almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction, which would’ve instantly become the most-talked about blunder of the AMAs, vaulting ahead of the Jennifer Lopez fall.

Instead, Hudson’s “malfunction” was much lower profile.  When Hudson came out to introduce the Black Eyed Peas alongside her “Nine” co-star Nicole Kidman, she bent over to speak into the mic and her low-cut dress almost revealed too much skin.

To the chagrin of every male audience member not named Adam Lambert or Perez Hilton, Hudson promptly adjusted her neckline.

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