Kendra Wilkinson Playboy photos were discussed at Kendra Season 3 premiere. The season 3 premiere of Kendra was tonight, and we saw Kendra and Hank Baskett settling in to a luxury condo in Philadelphia where Hank was hoping to score a job with the Eagles. However, we know that Hank is playing with the Vikings.

The main storyline of the first episode was Kendra settling in, and deciding to pose for Playboy again. Hank has reservations, and Kendra goes ahead and hires a photographer and took some pictures at her Philadelphia abode.

Hank walks in on the shoot and pulls her aside. Kendra confides that she doesn’t only want to “feel” sexy. She wants to look sexy, too.

Throughout the episode, we’ve seen people say that moms can’t be sexy, and Kendra called in to a radio show and the jockey told her she’s not fun anymore, because she’s a mom.

On the premiere of Kendra on E!, the topic is addressed, at one point Kendra calls into Erich “Mancow” Muller radio show where he stated that Kendra had gone from… “Marilyn Monroe to Mrs. Brady,” and wasn’t fun anymore. But the feisty Kendra snapped back saying, “I still shake my ass! Moms can be sexy!” And she even toys with trying to prove it in the flesh with considering to pose again for Playboy after her post baby weight struggle she comes close but it looks like this hot mama won’t be another spread for them just yet.

Do you think it’s silly for this to even be an issue when there are so many popular sex symbols who just so happen to be moms?