Reports stated that FBI detectives have been in contact with San Antonio’s Cody Public Library. The library is located near with HomeGate Studios & Suites hotel where Johnson stayed with Gabriel in Texas. Later on, Elizabeth Johnson’s alleged MySpace page inludes postings dated in the days after Gabriel Johnson was last seen alive on December 26. Was she trying to hide her tracks by using a public computer?


Tammi Smith hoped to adopt baby Gabriel and she exchanged messages with Johnson via MySpace the day before Johnson was arrested. Johnson told Smith that she and Gabriel were fine.

Elizabeth Johnson was arrested Dec. 30 in Miami Beach and returned to Arizona to face kidnapping and child abuse charges.

A frightening message

She told two different stories. “I killed him,” she told Logan McQueary, her ex-boyfriend and the baby’s father, in a text message. Johnson said she put Gabriel’s body in a diaper bag and threw it in a trash bin. But in a phone interview, Johnson said she gave Gabriel to a couple she didn’t know at a San Antonio park and that she only said she killed the boy to get back at McQueary.

Morever, another confusion is the couple, Jack and Tammi Smith. Smith told police she struck up a conversation with Johnson at the airport after noticing Johnson seemed stressed out and needed help with the baby. Smith held Gabriel in the airport and during the flight to Phoenix while Johnson vented about being a single mother, according to a Tempe police report.

McQueary, Gabriel’s father and Johnson’s ex-boyfriend, declined to comment.

Have Elizabeth Johnson’s online messages left a trail leading to baby Gabriel? Did Elizabeth Johnson kill Gabriel? Why isn’t she cooperating with investigators? How did the unemployed mother get $1,200 to travel across the country, buy food and stay in hotels?

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